With Our Programs and Services Your Business Will Grow

At Clinexus, we work exclusively with early-stage companies who are developing and selling a wide range of medical technologies at home and abroad.

Whether it's hardware or software, we work with you to advance your offerings across the full spectrum of healthcare: from wellness and prevention, through primary and acute care all the way to palliative care. In addition, we provide support in the non-traditional forms of healthcare ranging from allied health to dental and from mental health to veterinarian care.

As entrepreneurs you bring a wealth of technology experience to the table and we will complement those skills by offering you the following programs, seminars and services that are specifically designed to accelerate your company towards a clearly defined path of success.

Here is how we can assist you:

  • demonstrate your products in leading edge clinical settings;
  • (de)regulate by lightening your regulatory burden through education and shared regulatory procedures;
  • access the health care system;
  • sell your technologies locally and globally; and
  • connect you with the expertise and programs already offered throughout the province

Focused on You

If you...

  • are a small or medium-sized business
  • have a health technology application
  • are ready for growth

Contact us today.


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