Connect with Expertise and Programs

We are the link to organizations with seasoned entrepreneurs who have the knowledge and experience to assist healthcare technology companies. We asked our industry partners and clients what they wanted in terms of programs and services -- and we listened. By connecting early stage businesses, experienced veterans, and resources from across Alberta and around the world, we can help you accelerate your health technology business.

Industry Networking

Clinexus will be partnering with a wide range of health industry groups to bring you events that will help you connect with others in the industry. Watch our events page for future updates.

Visiting Delegation Coordination

Both the federal and provincial governments engage in trade development and as part of that role, they often bring in groups of companies or trade officers who wish to learn more about the Alberta market. At Clinexus we have the opportunity to connect your health technology company (if suitable) with these visiting delegations. This allows us to give health technology companies a broader exposure around the world and trade officers are better able to make potential business connections on behalf of their respective countries.

Previously held programs:

CCAT Partnership: Leading Edge of Health Technology, December 2010, Calgary

CCAT Partnership: Leading Edge of eHealth, May 2010, Calgary

AiiMIT & Tecterra Partnership: Applications of Geomatics in Healthcare, April 2010, Calgary

Continuing Care Technology Initiative Roundtable and Forum, May 2011, Edmonton

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  • are a small or medium-sized business
  • have a health technology application
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