Technology Development Funding Programs

The data in these tables are compiled from publicly available sources and are only meant to be used as guidelines. Clinexus will do its best to ensure that the information is kept up to date but we strongly recommend either contacting us or these partners for more information as additional programs or details may be available.

Agency Program Amount Intent Deadline Web Link
Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures Alberta Innovation Vouchers Max value of $15,000 for an Opportunity Assessment Report or specialized services required, small scale prototyping or intellectual property services  

Max value of $50,000 for product prototyping, lab verification, field testing, intellectual property protection.

Assist small rural and urban businesses to move rapidly from concepts and ideas to commercial products or services, thereby gaining a competitive advantage in domestic and export markets January 1, April 1, August 1 and October 1


Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures

nanoWorks Program


To increase industrial R&D investments and develop market-driven nanotechnology products.

Open to joint industry and institution proposals focused on developing new nanotech businesses
Currently Closed (Pilot phase under review)


BioAlberta Medical Product Development Program (MPDP)

MPDP will support 75% of total project costs and industry will cover the remaining 25% of costs

small (less than $25,000), medium ($25,000-$75,000) and large (more than $75,000), to a maximum of $100,000

To help Alberta companies develop and commercialize new medical devices and applications Currently Closed


Biovantage Technology Development Fund

Depending on project stage of development, up to $150,000 or $300,000.

To provide technical, management and financial support to early stage technology projects.

At least one of the primary applicants needs to be a faculty member at a post‐secondary institution in Alberta
Continuous Intake


Canada Health Infoway Innovation and Adoption Program – Accelerate Stream

Investments may be a combination of demonstration, workflow/benefits optimization and benefits evaluation projects

Projects must be close to market

Investment does not exceed $1million

To test new initiatives to health care delivery through information technology where use in Canada is currently nil to localized. Preferable if project can demonstrate replication, spread, and/or shared learnings that can be applied in other settings

Current focuses: e-Referral, Computerized  Provider Order Entry, Synoptic reporting for quality improvement,  Decision support & workflow at point of care, Secure clinical messaging
Continuous Intake


Canada Health Infoway Innovation and Adoption Program – Imagine Stream


To identify, trial, and advance novel innovations in health care delivery through information technology, with strong potential to deliver value for clinicians and patients.

Projects will be smaller scale, shorter term projects linked to a rigorous evaluation process to assess results and the potential for replication
Continuous Intake


Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR)

Industry-Partnered Collaborative Research Operating Grant

Maximum of $500k per year for 5 years

To help the academic community and Canadian companies with an interest in health R&D to work together. The research planned should be beneficial to both parties, while improving the quality of health of Canadians. Projects may be initiated by either party; however, the academic researcher is responsible for applying for the grant. Currently Closed Link
CIHR Proof of Principle Phase I

Up to $160k

The nominated principle applicant must be an academic researcher.

To fund proof of principle research projects of up to 12 months duration designed to advance discoveries/inventions towards commercializable technologies, with a view to attract new investment, create new science-based businesses, organizations and initiatives, and ultimately improve health outcomes for Canadians. Currently Closed Link
CIHR Proof of Principle Phase II

Up to $300k

The nominated principle applicant must be an academic researcher.

Aimed at providing a platform to better enable the academic institution/researcher to move the discovery/invention further down the innovation pipeline and undertake follow-on proof of principle activities in partnership with a non-academic investor Currently Closed Link
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT)

Going Global Innovation

A max of $75,000 and up to 75% of eligible costs including travel and other non-research expenses

To promote and enhance Canada's international innovation efforts by supporting Canadian companies and/or researchers in pursuing international R&D collaborative opportunities

Continuous Intake

Submissions must be in eight weeks prior to commencement of project


DFAIT Investment Cooperation Program

Cost-shared contributions of up to 75% for eligible activities across the four phases of an investment: 1) Commercial Viability Study; 2) Adaptation and Demonstration of Technology; 3) Sustainability; and 4) Implementation

Supports responsible, developmentally beneficial, private sector engagement in developing countries leading to sustained economic growth and poverty reduction Continuous Intake


DFAIT International Science and Technology Partnerships Program (ISTPP)

Supports up to 50% of the Canadian costs of approved joint research projects proposed by companies and universities/colleges and other private sector research and development institutes.

Designed to foster and support bilateral research projects which have the potential for commercialization between Canada and identified partner countries. Continuous Intake


nanoBridge advanceMNT

ranges from $50,000 to $75,000 for proof of concept prototypes, up to $150,000 for alpha prototypes and up to $225,000 for beta prototypes

To support development of MNT enabled prototypes with increasing commercial opportunity. Continuous Intake


nanoBridge MNTorship


Funding and entrepreneurial support for recent grads who possess an MNT prototype Continuous Intake Link
NRC-IRAP Research and Development Project Funding

Assist in a portion of salaries and contractor costs associated with R&D projects

Cost shared small to large R&D projects — up to $500,000 maximum contribution for non-repayable. Up to $1,500,000 maximum contribution for repayable.

To provide financial support to qualified small and medium-sized enterprises in Canada to help them develop technologies for competitive advantage. NRC-IRAP operates on a shared-risk model, providing cost-shared financial assistance for research and development projects that meet both the firm and project assessment criteria Continuous Intake


NSERC Collaborative Research and Development Grants

Can be over $200k

Supports well-defined projects undertaken by university researchers and their private-sector partners. Direct project costs are shared by the industrial partner(s) and NSERC. Projects may range from one year to five years in duration, but most awards are for two or three years. Continuous Intake


NSERC Ideas 2 Innovation (Phase I)

Up to $125k

To advance promising scientific concepts or technologies in order to attract early-stage investment and/or to build the intellectual property

Continuous Intake

Upcoming deadline:

Sept. 26, 2011
NSERC Ideas 2 Innovation (Phase II)

Up to $125,000 per year for Phase II(a) and up to $350,000 in total for Phase II(b)

require an early-stage investment entity (Phase IIa) or a company (Phase IIb) to share the costs of the project

Designed to provide scientific or engineering evidence establishing the technical feasibility and market definition of the technology, process or product.

Continuous Intake

Upcoming deadline:

Sept. 26, 2011


Precarn Industrial Technology-Gap (T-GAP) Assistance Program

Maximum funding is $100,000;

Maximum Precarn support is 40% of total project costs;

Project duration of nine months or less

50% of Precarn’s contribution will be paid at midterm of the project and the remaining 50% will be paid upon project completion and receipt of the final report

To advance intelligent-systems technologies of startup and small companies that show commercial promise. Currently Closed


Precarn Small Company Funding

Maximum funding of $500k at 65% support of total costs

To promote the research and development (R&D) efforts of Canadian companies applying intelligent systems to solve commercial problems in the environment and manufacturing sectors. Currently Closed


Precarn Alberta R&D Funding Program

up to $600,000 per project

expenses beyond Precarn’s contribution, are SR&ED eligible

To support the development or implementation of intelligent systems technologies in industry Currently Closed


Precarn Regional Alliance Program (in partnership with AET) Matching funds program where Precarn will contribute a maximum of 37.5% or up to $200k per project. Aimed to foster the development of intelligent systems technologies in small and medium sized companies across Canada. Currently Closed


SAIT Applied Research Fund

Maximum contribution of $50,000 towards project and not exceed 50% of total cost

SAIT student must be involved

For industry-relevant applied research projects that enhance the experience of students at SAIT Continuous Intake



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