The Health Tech Sector in Alberta

Alberta is home to a vibrant and diverse health technology sector. From here, over 150 small and medium sized companies export their high tech wares to all four corners of the world.

In 2009, Cool Companies devoted a full issue to profiling Alberta's health technology sector. Although we've been able to update some of the provincial stats (see below), the magazine still provides a very interesting sampling of some leading edge companies in Alberta.  Download a pdf version of the publication here (but be warned, it's over 5G in size.)

Did you know that:

Calgary and Edmonton have an equal number of companies, many of which have ties to the two teaching hospitals and medical schools.


Calgary has a strong presence of companies that have products based on information and communication technologies.


While Edmonton has a predominance of advanced hardware and diagnostic types of companies


And here's what it looks like for the whole province


And finally, here's how these technologies are applied in healthcare environments around the world.


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