Our History & Background

Healthcare Delivery Faces Challenging Times

The delivery of health care faces unprecedented and complex challenges: rising costs, an aging population, a shift from treatment of acute illnesses to management of chronic diseases and health professional shortages to name a few. It has become clear that continuing with the same approach to delivery of healthcare will continue to exacerbate these issues. Technology has shown that it can act as an enabler of change, and it's widely believed to be a key element of the solution to the current healthcare crisis.

Clinexus is Part of the Solution

In June 2008, The Government of Alberta's Ministry of Advanced Education and Technology (AET) launched Alberta's Action Plan: Bringing Technology to Market, a plan aimed at diversifying the economy of Alberta through the growth of the advanced technology sector. One focus of that plan was the development of Product Commercialization Centres (PCC's) in a few targeted sectors where it was felt that the province had some existing or potential market advantage. eHealth is one of those technology sectors and in the spring of 2009, the funding for clinexus was provided by AET through the University of Calgary, under whom Clinexus operates as a not-for-profit commercialization centre.

Clinexus' Roots Stemmed from the eHealth Industry Initiative

It's important to note that clinexus was preceded by the eHealth Industry Initiative that helped connect industry with the decision-makers in the health and wellness sectors to bring industry products closer to market and assist the health sector in finding e-health solutions. This past initiative was part of the University of Calgary's Faculty of Medicine Telehealth Program.

Clinexus' Partners

Every successful organization looks to industry partners and collaborates to ensure it's using the best people and resources to serve its clients. At clinexus, we partner closely with the Medical Ward of the 21st Century and the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. These organizations provide the real-world health environments required for field-testing new health technology and innovations.

The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital is a healthcare facility unique to Alberta. They are devoted primarily to high-level rehabilitation care of both adults (including the elderly) and children.

The Glenrose also provides research and educational opportunities for healthcare professionals.

The Ward of the 21st Century

The W21C Initiative is a research and innovation initiative based at the University of Calgary (U of C) and in the Calgary zone of Alberta Health Services (AHS). The W21C was created to respond to the urgent need for innovation in health care. The recent Canadian Adverse Events Study reported that as many as 20,000 deaths occur annually in Canadian hospitals from preventable adverse events. This finding has drawn considerable attention to the issues of safety and quality in health care, and produced calls for strategic research and innovation to derive solutions addressing the shortcomings and/or vulnerabilities in health care systems.

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