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At Clinexus, we help Alberta’s health technology companies grow. We are one of four not-for-profit product commercialization centres funded by the Government of Alberta with the mandate to expand key technology sectors in Alberta.

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At Clinexus we work with small and medium businesses that are developing and selling health technology applications. Our mission is simple – to help your company grow.

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We work exclusively with early-stage companies who are developing and selling a wide range of health and medical technologies at home and abroad. Our role is to accelerate their growth.

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  • Facilitating demonstration opportunities within leading edge clinical settings
  • Assisting in lightening the regulatory burden
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Mar 29, 2017
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Software Quality Assurance, also referred to as application quality assurance is a procedure designed to make sure that a developed application or software meets the standardized or defined quality requirements. The two principal components of software quality assurance are software testing and system integration testing (SIT). Software quality assurance is a continuous process throughout the development cycle of an application and checks each development phase to ascertain that the desired quality measures are met.

Feb 15, 2017
Category: Articles
Posted by: admin

Eyebrow extension training has quickly developed into an exciting opportunity in the ever changing world of beauty. We can thank women's eyebrows for this fairly new concept and the classic trend towards fuller, more attractive brows. When women have thicker brows, they look more youthful with a face of more balanced features. Great-looking eyebrows create a gorgeous frame around the eyes, and with the advancements in beauty science, all women can now achieve the eyebrows they've always dreamed of.

Feb 6, 2017
Category: Articles
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Waking up to chronic morning headaches, lacking the energy needed to make it through the workday or dealing with an inability to concentrate or stay focused and on task are common symptoms of sleep apnea. Even potentially serious respiratory ailments and medical conditions can be difficult to accurately diagnose, and a sleep study test is often needed in order to conclusively determine the underlying cause of symptoms. The observation and study that only a dedicated sleep clinic can offer may allow those who suffer from apnea and other nocturnal respiratory ailments to seek the most effective treatment options.

Feb 2, 2017
Category: Articles
Posted by: admin

Physiotherapy entails restoring and maintaining functional movement, relieving pain and enhancing the health of individuals. Physiotherapists work as a team, and they are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy Council. If you are having headaches, spinal pain and injuries, arthritic conditions, and neurological disorders you should seek physiotherapy Newmarket services. The principal purpose of physiotherapy is to reduce pain and assist people to carry out their activities normally.

Jan 29, 2017
Category: Articles
Posted by: admin

Video transcript for the Youtube video "Video 23 - The Software Requirements Specification". Improve your software requirements specifications with this template! To further improve your software we recommend the use of a requirement management tool.

Jan 26, 2017
Category: Articles
Posted by: admin
Your teeth are a crucial part of you, so you want to ensure that your teeth are in the best condition possible. Dental implants Toronto may be something you are considering having your practitioner install. You can know if they are right for you by considering the following elements:
Jan 9, 2017
Category: Articles
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The term occupation may immediately make you think of work, but occupational therapy also includes home health care North York assistance in the performance of daily tasks such as grooming, housework, making a meal or driving a vehicle. Children with autism or developmental disabilities need occupational therapy to help them develop strength and coordination. Occupational therapy is one of the services many home health care agencies offer their clients.

Nov 24, 2016
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Just as you can attend medical school in the United States, you can also take classes in Caribbean medical schools to earn your medical degree. Some students may be interested in studying in a tropical paradise environment, and others may have the perception that such schools are more affordable, have more lenient entrance requirements and more. It is true that there are some significant variations between United States and Caribbean universities. There are currently more than 60 Caribbean medical schools that you can apply to, but you may want to learn more about what they offer before you make a final decision to apply.

Aug 30, 2016
Category: Articles
Posted by: admin

By most official accounts, smoking an electronic cigarette is safer than its tobacco-laden alternative, but what does that mean when it comes to vaping advertising? Unlike most of the rest of the world, where the new cigarettes are grouped with regular cigarettes when it comes to regulation, Canada hasn’t quite made up its mind about what to do about marketing. Though it’s technically illegal to advertise or sell an e-cigarette that contains nicotine in Canada, lackadaisical enforcement has created a feeding frenzy of commercials for the time being.

Aug 24, 2016
Category: Articles
Posted by: admin

Physiotherapy, much like many other fields, has benefited recently from the myriad technological advances. Physiotherapists are harnessing the power of technology to better monitor their patients and provide optimal advice in regards to injury prevention and treatment. Here we review just a few of these advances.

May 12, 2016
Category: Articles
Posted by: admin

The word reluctant appropriately describes the families of Canadians who take their loved ones to a nursing homes Kingston for the first time. But a look at the professional retirement homes programs shows why you should consider assisted living retirement homes for your loved ones.

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